my family


Hello, I’m Li!

I am a wife and a mother of two grown up children who are both married and have set up their own homes. I went through years of schooling that taught me many things; helped me develop a thinking mind and enabled me to work as a professional for quite a number of years. However, this academic education did not cover those areas of responsibility which arose from entering married life, motherhood, and living an expatriate life as a Singaporean in different continents with children who went from one school system to the next in rather quick succession before finally returning home.

By nature, I am an organised and rather inquisitive person. I am a self- learner and thrive on experimenting and testing new ideas. When I am faced with a new situation, my first resort has always been to head to the library to seek out knowledge to understand the situation better and to seek counsel from a group of  matured, supportive and God-loving friends. The acquisition of new knowledge has also been underpinned by unquestioning support from my husband and with prayers for guidance. Now, the internet has opened up a new world of exciting information.

A household system that is fine-tuned and well oiled so that it works like clock work is time well spent. It frees me to be involved in other giving and learning experiences.

It is my hope that this well oiled machine will continue to be one of the building blocks that aids me in dealing with continual changes through different seasons of my life. It has always been my underlying desire that my value-add to family members, including my children and now their spouses, is a God-honed wisdom which comes from studying His Word, reflection of every circumstance, and application of His Word. The inevitable result – a desire to re-align my thoughts and action.

As I share my thoughts which are couched in check lists, how to’s, photos, tips and hints (borne from my own needs through these past seasons of my life), my wish is that these posts will be helpful also to you; whether you are a young married couple setting up your home for the first time or otherwise.