Tips for Organising – Plastic bags

Organizing Tips - Plastic Bags 7975 edited re-sized

All those plastic bags from the supermarket or other shopping trips to the department store or markets. They are so useful to have around as they make great bin liners. The smaller ones serve me well for my dog’s poop/stinkie when I take him out for walks.

Knowing how to organise them certainly will make life neater and more organised. My previous helper who is Filipina taught me how to fold plastic shopping bags into triangles and they store away neatly in the cupboard. No extra contraption or bags that have garters on both ends to hold these plastic bags. I do try to have less gadgets in the home.

Here’s how to fold them. Just follow the step by step photos below. Start with a plastic shopping bag. Lay it on the table and straighten it out. Then, fold the bag into a quarter of its original width – into a long strip like Step 1 below.

Organizing Tips - Plastic Bags 7972 edited re-sized

Below are 2 photos of the how to tuck the handle end of the bag into the triangle.

Organizing Tips - Plastic Bags 7973 edited re-sized

Organizing Tips - Plastic Bags 7974 edited re-sized






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