Charts of Pork, Beef and Lamb cuts

Charts of Meats cuts.edited re-sized

All of us love to eat and some love to cook as well. There seems to be a rapidly growing group of us whose appetite for life is not just restricted to eating alone; realisation that more knowledge about what we are eating lends to deeper appreciation of our food and our health. With the rising cost of  meats, and a growing movement that knowledge should be embraced, what can be more helpful and confidence building for my readers? 3 Charts of common meat cuts have been re-produced below.

PORK Chart of cuts with cooking suggestions

A comprehensive chart that shows the different cuts of pork available in the US. Although a butcher in Singapore and Malaysia cuts up his pig in a slightly different way, this chart and the other pointers given in the chart is useful. Thank you Bluestem Acres Farm. Their website is

BEEF Chart of cuts with cooking suggestions

Another useful chart and this time it is taken from Parrett’s Meat Processing and their website is

LAMB Chart of cuts

This time chart is taken from an Australian source so it will be more suited to us here.

Lamb basic cuts - Killara Rise Lamb


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