Cooking 101 – Benriner slicer

001 Benrina slicer edited re-sized

How to use a Benriner Mandoline

This you tube video clip gives you a full explanation of how this mandoline works. It also introduces you to the other types of mandoline produced by Benriner. Click has this to report about this mandoline.

The Benriner Japanese Mandoline Slicer is a favourite among owners and experts alike. This hand-held kitchen tool slices as cleanly as pro-grade models, is durable enough for daily use and presents an excellent value — features like the four replaceable blades are rare at this price. The height-adjustment dial lets users set a precise thickness for each cut, all the way down to paper-thin slivers.

  • Slices hard and soft vegetables with ease
  • Excellent julienne performance
  • Variable blade height adjustments deliver precise cuts, including paper-thin slivers
  • Includes three replaceable blades
  • Hand guard is tricky for some to grasp
  • Cutting surface is too narrow for wide veggies

The Benriner Japanese Mandoline Slicer ranks high in several comparison tests, with recommendations from Good Housekeeping and, among others. says the Japanese Mandoline Slicer performed “flawlessly” in their tests, excelling at julienne cuts. Users can set precise cutting thickness using a blade adjustment dial. The Benriner is lightweight and durable, but feels a little undersized for some chefs and requires hand-washing for cleanup.

Ease of use

Precise cutting height selection. The blade dial “offers the advantage of continuous adjustability: Thickness of slices can be fine-tuned down to the sub-millimeter,” reports They add that setup takes a little more time than with preset height increments.


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