Essential Skills to Teach Your Helper

essential skills watermark

I have listed some skills that are usual to expect from a domestic helper regarding housekeeping. Writing this blog has given me the chance to update what I have been practising through research. Comparing various websites (for e.g. Better Homes & Gardens, Martha Stewart, and Real Simple), other blogs and watching YouTube video clips have helped me to zero in on salient teaching points. These comparisons have also enabled me to pick up and test new suggestions.

Video clips are great teaching tools. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, where possible, I have included suggested links to those websites and you-tube video clips which I think contain enough teaching instructions to create a better grasp of that skill. Nonetheless, these are just teaching tools. Resist the temptation to just let her watch the video clips by herself. Raise questions after.

Always set aside some time to teach. Create a positive environment. Give clear and simple instructions patiently and in a gentle, happy manner.

Listed below are some skills including links to the relevant posts on this website.


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