Marketing Checklist

Marketing check-list. How frequently do you go marketing or super-marketing? It is the norm for households here to go marketing and/or super-marketing once a week for a family of 4 to 5 members. A check-list  is very helpful if you market with or send your domestic helper marketing on her own. Your domestic helper should only buy what your family needs. This effort saves you money and avoids confrontations about unnecessary purchases. A marketing checklist helps keep things clear, organized and easy to understand for your helper, especially when she is new to your family’s lifestyle. Inculcate good habits for her early.

Consider these points before working out your marketing check-list. 

  • what’s on the week’s menu? Planning meals ahead helps you save money and reduce food waste.
  • what foodstuffs are already in your freezer and fridge? First in should be first out.
  • Check your pantry (larder) for things that need to be replaced (e.g., oil, salt, sugar, condiments, dried noodles, canned foods)
  • Just before you leave your home to go marketing or super-marketing, Place all your colanders, plastic bags, marker pens, disposable gloves etc on your kitchen counter. The photo below illustrates this point.

It is a hectic time when you arrive home from the market and/or super-marketing. Marking what is in the plastic bag makes it easily identifiable since  freezing changes the appearance of the item. A calendar should be in a handy location.

Examples of 2 lists

1. Marketing check-list. The attached list should be sufficient for a family of 4 to 5 adults for a week of groceries. I have used the list with success.

2. In your Pantry for SE Asian cooking. I have also included a handy list of items to have in your pantry if you cook South East Asian food often. Click on the links below to download the lists.

After a few months you may find that your helper doesn’t need to use this list but is able to make her own short handwritten notes as what it needed. This is progress in her work skills. In her half yearly appraisal, she can be rewarded.

Marketing List for the Family

In your Pantry – SE Asian Cooking


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