Car – Cleaning

Car – Cleaning (Exterior and Interior)

If you live in a condominium or a block of apartments, it is most likely that there are designated areas for washing your car. Show your helper where this is. Explain the condominium’s rules regarding this task. Emphasize the importance of her compliance.

To save water, when washing car/s she should not hose the car to wash it. Instead, provide her with:

  • a sturdy plastic stool so that she can reach the top of the car
  • 2 large pails (one to dilute car shampoo and other for clean water to flush later on)
  • a large sponge for applying the shampoo onto the car
  • a long handle scoop to pour water for flushing
  • a soft brush for the rims and tires
  • a few pieces of microfibre cloths to dry the car
  • a good quality squeegee to scrape away the water from the windscreen and car shampoo

Some use car shampoo (with or without wax) or dish-washing detergent and a soft brush for cleaning car rims and tires whilst others use a commercially prepared chemical spray for these rims and tires (there are several brands).

suggested tools to provide

use a squeegee to help clean the front and back wind-shield

spray rims and wheels with a commercial product or your own mixture of detergent and water

How often do you want her to wash the exterior of your car and how often does she vacuum, wipe and clean the interior of your car? Have you provided her with a vacuum?

If your car has leather seats, how often would she be required to clean and “polish” these seats? Do you use leather cleaners and moisturisers? Make these available and instruct her how to apply these.

Consider getting some of these jobs commercially done especially when the helper’s job description include care of babies and young children and/or elderly members in the family.


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